Call us : 020 7197 1287

Call us : 020 7197 1287

I have known Daniel Broadhead on a business bases for over 3 years. Within a year Daniel's company has increased the turnover of our business by 30%. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Bruce Mainwaring Managing Director, Bond Wealth Management Ltd
Inspired by the British Army and rugby union our company values are Strength and Honour
  • Bringing high net worth customers to our clients in a consistent and scalable way
  • Strategic market analysis
  • Researching and screening of targets
  • Social overlay web forensics
  • Copywriting and mailing of letters to target individuals
  • Telephone prospection
  • Winning qualified new business meetings with big hitters
  • Global campaigns
Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is to the quality of the meeting you have with the target client.

For the return on investment to work our client must have an average fee per client of minimum £5k per annum. We do not guarantee a specific number of meetings or that you will convert the meeting into a client.

We help clients do business with big hitters
across a range of sectors

Our clients are
  • Wealth Management Firms
  • Tax Advisory Firms
  • Law Firms
  • PR Firms
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Professional services firms dealing with real estate private equity houses, investment management firms and property developers.
Our process
We have an in depth research process that involves agreeing the perfect target audience with the client, data procurement from a wide variety of original sources, web forensics - a thorough search of the internet to understand the business and personal interests of the target individual and social overlay, to see who we know in common with the target client so we can mention this when we speak to them. The target must answer correctly to typically 3 qualifying questions that ABD agree with the client, for the meeting to go ahead. All targets are approved by the client before they are approached by ABD.
Daniel Broadhead FRSA
Daniel brings over 15 years business development experience to the company having won clients at director level globally, including most of the banks of Canada Square and most of the government departments on Whitehall.
Managing Director

Our researchers have been handpicked for their scholarship in obtaining the right data, one target individual at a time. Our callers have minimum 15 years experience each in arranging highly effective new business meetings at the top level and have been hand picked for their talent for this highly specialised work.

Contact us
Contact us
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